Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scraped out of the corners of the internet...

This is the customary first blog post of a new blog.  In this case, the blog is the West Liberty Tech Blog, a nexus of old articles published once upon a time on Datatribe Softwerks, Ltd, reprinted here with permission from the author (me).  This is as much a place to file tips and tricks and things I have learned as it is a place to connect with local tech talent in West Liberty, Ohio.

If you live in Logan or Champaign Counties, in Ohio of course, and need a local short term technical assist with software, old or new, or hardware, shiny, dusty or archaic, I (or we) might be able to help.  The "we" comes in to play when I apply my ability to diagnose a problem and find a person to help resolve it.

With any luck, there will be much to read here in the near future.  My initial plan is to dump a selection of old articles, tips and tricks that remain relevant here and then resume my technical blogging that I gave up roughly 2 years ago*.  I just need a place to keep useful information, and I've never regretted sharing what I learn.

Stay tuned!

*I ran two blogs, Datatribe Softwerks, Ltd, and The Lanced Boil for about 9 years and wrote over 900 posts.  Few stand up to the test of time because they were fluff pieces related to what technology I was playing with that was cutting edge at the time (most of it is no longer so) or had to do with topics just not even remotely related to technology.  The resulting "curated" entries I have added here are a slim and slender slice of the volumes I wrote during that time, but they provide some lingering utility and so were worth carrying forward.

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