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XML: Web Based Tools

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Thu 2 Jun 2011

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XML is a prevalent artifact on the internet, though you may not always find it.  Here are some of the tools I find useful when I must work with it.

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I've made use of these frequently when working with ad-hoc web services.

The XSL Tryit Editor is great for seeing the HTML result of your XSLT using your XML, or the XML and XSLT provided. XSLT Tryit Editor v 1.0

Of course, everyone needs to have a handy bookmark for the XML Validator for simply and quickly checking to see that you have closed your nodes. XML Validator

Depending on what you're doing, you may come to need an XSD / Schema generator. It takes your XML and makes an XML based description of it that can be consumed by web services to validate the inbound XML matches the spec. XSD Generator

Update 11/16/2011
Another tool, not XML related but equally useful for web work: the Base64 Decoder helps when you're working with Base64 values.

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